English Classes Successful in Refugee Camp

Exciting news about the success of English classes for Darfur refugees in Bredjing Refugee Camp, eastern Chad! The English teachers, themselves refugees, have reached an important milestone thanks to the Headway curriculum we supplied, which has now been used for about eight months. Everyone who contributed should take pride in this accomplishment. From Anne Goddard of CORD, Education Program Manager in Bredjing:

"Today I spent a couple of hours in Bredjing with some of the English teachers going through how to use the Headway books to their best advantage. They were really encouraged and so was I. Very simple stuff, but quite a revelation to them. It was the first time I have ever taught in English without an interpreter - the first time they have ever been of a sufficient standard to cope with this. You and your donors have helped achieve this significant step and further build their confidence."

This is so significant because the teachers, as their level of English improves, pass on that skill to hundreds of others. There are about 800 Darfuris learning English in Bredjing, one of three refugee camps where we sent Headway. Learning English is viewed there as a "road to freedom."

This achievement has only been possible because of the generosity of the public, publisher Oxford University Press, and cargo carrier Air France. Every individual contribution has helped, and helped a lot, since the corporate discounts allow us to deliver nearly seven dollars of textbooks to the refugees for every dollar donated.

We would like to send a third Headway shipment soon, possibly including the audio component for the first time (because electricity to play the audio has not yet been available), and welcome further support. Please earmark your donation for "Headway English language course material," and remember, $1 from you = $7 of books for the refugees.