ESL Material Arrives at Dhi Qar University

On Nov. 11, Dhi Qar University in Nasiriyah, Iraq received our first shipment of English language learning material at an event organized by our partner in Iraq, the Michael Scott Mater Foundation, with support from the 402nd Army Field Support Brigade. Dhi Qar University Chancellor Dr. Ali Ismael Obeidi Al Snafi attended with other faculty members, including the director of Dhi Qar's "American Corner" library, and representatives of the Cultural Affairs Office of the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad were also present.

Dhi Qar University faculty examine ESL material donated by Book Wish FoundationIn Nasiriyah, Iraq, Dhi Qar University faculty examine an Oxford Wordpower Dictionary for Arabic-Speaking Learners of English, part of the Book Wish donation. Chancellor Dr. Ali Ismael Obeidi Al Snafi looks on at left. (PHOTO: Nita R. Fulford)

This shipment of books and audio from the American Headway course, multilingual dictionaries, and specialized ESL material for engineering and business was made possible by a generous discount from publisher Oxford University Press. It is designed to help develop Dhi Qar University's English program, with a special emphasis on helping students better understand engineering textbooks donated by Oregon State University, with whom Dhi Qar is exploring an exchange program. Making the knowledge contained in these books more accessible to Iraqi students is critical to the future reconstruction of the country.

As we assess the impact of this material and the University's remaining English learning needs, we will be posting about specific ways the public can become involved. For now, you can show your support by making a donation earmarked for Dhi Qar University English Studies. Promoting English education in Iraq is a way to improve its stability and relations with the English-speaking world.

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