Oxford University Press Donates and Discounts for Darfur

Oxford University Press has just agreed to make substantial donations and discounts available to us to help Darfur refugees in Chad learn English. The 75 teacher's books we requested from Oxford's Headway English language series will be totally free, and we will be able to purchase the student's books and audio at cost, a huge discount of 85% off!

This discount on new books beats by a factor of four the deals we had expected to find on used books, and means that the purchasing power of the money already donated to us for Headway will be stretched considerably. It also means that we will not be delayed hunting for sufficient quantities of used books, and can much more quickly deliver this reading relief to the refugee camps. Stay tuned for updates, as we are getting ready to soon make our first purchase and arrange the first shipment to Chad!

To help us send as many books as possible in this shipment, please consider donating. Be sure to earmark your donation for "Headway English language course material."