See Who You Are Helping

If you donated to provide English textbooks for refugee-organized English classes in eastern Chad, or if you are considering supporting the English classes, here is a photo you should see. Taken in May 2009, it shows several hundred of the English students from Bredjing Refugee Camp. These are some of the Darfuris we are directly helping.

English students in Bredjing Refugee Camp, eastern Chad

Anne Goddard, our partner CORD's Education Program Manager, took the photo and had this to say:

These are some of the learners who came along for our photo shoot today – and there are another hundred out of camera shot to the right of the picture – you will just have to imagine them.

There are people of all ages who learn and parents pay a small fee to a committee who run the programme. All CORD does is give some materials that have been donated by Book Wish. The rest was the inspiration of the Sudanese in Bredjing camp and we do our best to stay away from taking any kind of control of this in the best interests of true development. My dream is that whatever happens in Darfur, the whole education system, including the English learning scheme, will enable men and women from Bredjing and Treguine camps to choose to walk out of the camp because they know that their education has given them a solid foundation that will lead to a bright future.

You can help make Anne's dream and theirs a reality. Read more about our support for the English classes here. Since the publisher, Oxford University Press, discounts the English textbooks heavily (and donates the teachers' books), every dollar donated purchases nearly seven dollars worth of books.

To see more of the Darfuris who need your help, visit our Gallery.