Videos Showing Our Impact

Watch videos below. To help demonstrate the impact our donors are having, and to show what is really happening in education in the refugee camps in eastern Chad, we sent a Flip camcorder and memory stick to our field partner CORD. The many videos that came back far exceed our expectations, and we'll be sharing them gradually over the next several weeks.

We begin with three videos inside English language classes in the Bredjing and Treguine Refugee Camps, showing the Headway textbooks our donors helped to purchase, and an interview with the Head Teacher in one of the schools in Bredjing, who is also a major force behind the English program. Watch below and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to receive instant updates when we post more!

Special thanks to Anne Goddard, the narrator and videographer, for her superb work! Anne was absolutely the best person to do this, as CORD's Education Programme Manager with four years' experience in the daily challenges and triumphs of education in these camps.