Astucci Donates 2,000 Pouches to Protect Reading Glasses

We receive many donated reading glasses without cases, and have been concerned about protecting them from the harsh desert environment into which they are headed. Astucci, a company that produces custom optical cases, heard our concern and has responded in a very big way. Writing "hope this will make someone happier, thank you for the opportunity to help," Astucci sent us 2,000 slip-in pouches — enough to cover not only our current need, but also our future needs for the Chad/Darfur project.

Glasses Cases Donated by AstucciThis extraordinary donation will protect the reading glasses from damage and greatly extend the number of hours of education and pleasure that they will provide.

Astucci, you will be indeed be making many people happier — refugees from Darfur and Chadian villagers whose need for happiness could not be greater. We thank you for the opportunity to work with such a caring company.

The pouches donated by Astucci (shown here stacked 20 deep, 2,000 is a lot!) are padded and come in four colors that will please both men and women. They are perfect for our needs, but give only the tiniest impression of the kind of products Astucci makes. Check out their catalog at to see high-fashion cases and learn about Astucci's custom design capabilities.

If you have unused reading glasses at home, please consider donating them. Don't worry if you don't have a case, Astucci has you covered!

Glasses Cases Donated by Astucci