Reading Glasses Reach Refugees Despite Carjacking Attempt!

Major news from eastern Chad! Our shipment of 1,750 pairs of reading glasses has reached Bredjing Refugee Camp! This despite an attempted carjacking on May 26 en route from Hadjer Hadid to Abeche, Chad, which our partner CORD's drivers narrowly escaped. With shots fired at point blank range, it is fair to say that the brave aid workers have risked their lives in delivering the glasses to the refugees. We are tremendously thankful that they were not harmed, and inspired by the incredible photos below of the glasses being distributed.

Birmingham Vision Care Donates Glasses for Darfur

As we near our goal of gathering 1,750 pairs of reading glasses for Darfur refugees and villagers in eastern Chad, a few companies, organizations, and individuals are stepping forward to ensure we fully meet the needs of these people in crisis. Birmingham Vision Care of Bloomfield Township, Michigan is just such a company. Their 43 pairs bring us closer to our target, not only in their quantity, but also in their quality and features.

Sight Station Donates 304 Fashion Readers

Sight Station, a UK-based eyewear retailer and wholesaler with a philosophy that "fashionable eyewear should be for everyone," has donated 304 pairs of designer reading glasses to our reading relief project in eastern Chad. Shown below are some of these stylish glasses, complete with matching pouches.

Optometrist Donates to Help Needy Read

Dr. Walter Drill, an optometrist in private practice in Lansdale, Pennsylvania, has donated 246 pairs of eyeglasses and 1565 eyeglass cases for current and future Book Wish Foundation projects. Dr. Drill's donation comes in response to our call for reading glasses, published free of charge by the American Optometric Association in its newsletter AOA News. Thank you Dr. Drill for your generosity, and thank you AOA for helping us reach the optometric community!

PRVAIL Donates Reading Glasses for Refugees and Villagers

PRVAIL (Partners in Restoring Vision and Improving Lives), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit specializing in supplying reading glasses for other groups' vision care programs, has given the Book Wish Foundation 302 pairs of reading glasses to send to Darfur refugees and villagers in eastern Chad. This is the largest donation of reading glasses we have received, and significantly advances our reading relief mission.

Smart Eyes Donates 278 Pairs of Reading Glasses

Yes, you read the title right, 278 pairs of reading glasses! Smart Eyes, LLC is the company that has just supplied more than half the needs of a refugee camp, with the largest donation of reading glasses so far to our Chad/Darfur project.

What's particularly impressive about this donation is that Smart Eyes isn't a giant optical chain, it's a home-based business with a giant heart.

ClearVision Optical Donates Designer Cases for Reading Glasses

ClearVision Optical, one of the world's leading wholesale distributors of prescription eyewear and sunwear, has donated 100 designer cases to protect reading glasses being sent to Darfur refugee camps and villages in eastern Chad. By keeping the glasses in good reading condition, this donation will result in many additional hours of education and enjoyment.

Astucci Donates 2,000 Pouches to Protect Reading Glasses

We receive many donated reading glasses without cases, and have been concerned about protecting them from the harsh desert environment into which they are headed. Astucci, a company that produces custom optical cases, heard our concern and has responded in a very big way.

Davis Vision Donates Glasses for Darfur

Davis Vision, one of America's leading managed vision and eyecare providers, has just donated 51 pairs of reading glasses for Darfur refugees and villagers in eastern Chad. Book Wish Foundation is delighted to have such a big name in the eyecare industry supporting our reading relief project.

Hilco Donates Reading Glasses for Refugees

Book Wish Foundation is proud to count Hilco among the sponsors of our project providing reading relief for Darfur refugees and villagers in eastern Chad. Hilco, a leading supplier of eyewear and optical supplies in the U.S. and U.K., has generously donated 130 pairs of reading glasses, with cases.


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