Hilco Donates Reading Glasses for Refugees

Book Wish Foundation is proud to count Hilco among the sponsors of our project providing reading relief for Darfur refugees and villagers in eastern Chad. Hilco, a leading supplier of eyewear and optical supplies in the U.S. and U.K., has generously donated 130 pairs of reading glasses, with cases.

Reading Glasses Donated by Hilco"With cases" is very important, because the glasses will be used in a harsh desert environment, by people who lack protective storage space, cleaning supplies, repair kits, or spare glasses. Hilco's quality cases will help extend the number of reading hours each pair of glasses provides. Very often, donated reading glasses do not come with cases.

The reading glasses themselves are among the highest quality we have received, and come in stylish wine, gold, black, and tortoiseshell frames. Some high refractive powers are included, meaning that people who would otherwise have enormous difficulty seeing nearby objects will now be able to read.

Thank you, Hilco!Reading Glasses Donated by Hilco

Hilco's donation brings the number of reading glasses we have received above 500, the number requested for each refugee camp. When we have enough glasses to also provide 250 for the nearby Chadian villages, we will send the first shipment to Chad. You can help us reach that milestone and our total goal of 1,750 pairs by donating your spare pairs of reading glasses to us. Mailing instruction can be found here. Every pair will make a difference in someone's life.