Optometrist Donates to Help Needy Read

Dr. Walter Drill, an optometrist in private practice in Lansdale, Pennsylvania, has donated 246 pairs of eyeglasses and 1565 eyeglass cases for current and future Book Wish Foundation projects. Dr. Drill's donation comes in response to our call for reading glasses, published free of charge by the American Optometric Association in its newsletter AOA News. Thank you Dr. Drill for your generosity, and thank you AOA for helping us reach the optometric community!

Shown below are some of the many colorful cases Dr. Drill contributed. By protecting glasses from damage, they will increase the number of hours of reading pleasure and education that we provide to people in crisis, such as the Darfur refugees in our Chad project.

Eyeglass Cases Donated by Dr. Walter DrillEyeglass Cases Donated by Dr. Walter Drill

Dr. Drill has been helping others with his optometric knowledge for nearly 40 years. In private practice, as a Lt. Colonel in the U.S. Army Reserves (including several years at Walter Reed Army Medical Center), and as an active member of the Lansdale Lions Club (for which he is currently Chairman of the Sight and Hearing Committee and Co-Chairman of the Eyeglass Recycling Program), he has helped to improve the vision of thousands. We are grateful to have his support for the vision care component of our reading relief mission.