Peepers Fun Reading Glasses Donated for Refugees

What better way to encourage reading than with the gift of colorful, cheerful, fun reading glasses? Especially in the Darfur refugee camps of eastern Chad, where hope needs a helping hand, adding to the enjoyment of reading can yield big returns in education and mental health. That's why the Book Wish Foundation was so excited to receive 126 pairs of Peepers Fun Reading Glasses, in dozens of colors and styles, like these:

Peepers Fun Reading Glasses

Peepers, part of the Sammann Company, responded quickly to our request for reading glasses for our Chad/Darfur project, sending 126 pairs in assorted refractions. We are always excited to receive donations of reading glasses, because we know they will directly help Darfur refugees, and help them in a big way, and the Peepers donation is especially good news. Darfuri women love to wear bright colors, so you can be sure the Peepers will be greeted with joy.Box of Peepers reading glasses

Thank you Peepers Reading Glasses and Sammann Company!

To adequately show you the tremendous variety of Peepers Fun Reading Glasses we received, we would have to create a whole new image gallery. There must be at least 30 different styles in this donation! The frames come in a huge assortment of colors, shapes, and patterns, and some even have rhinestones! If you or someone you know needs reading glasses, check out the Fun Glasses at Please remember, if you have reading glasses to spare, you can donate them to us, and we will make sure they are given to Darfur refugees or needy villagers in eastern Chad.

Peepers Fun Reading GlassesPeepers Fun Reading Glasses