More Darfur Refugees Studying English

Exciting news from the refugee camps about the impact of our first shipment of Headway English language learning material. Despite the large amount of work to be accomplished in the fields during the summer rainy season, the refugees have chosen to continue their English studies through the summer school break! The Education Program Manager for our on-the-ground partner CORD, Anne Goddard, reports:

Darfur Refugees Celebrate Arrival of English Books

June 26 was a day for celebration in the Bredjing Refugee Camp in eastern Chad, as the Book Wish Foundation's first shipment of books from the Headway English course arrived. Despite serious security incidents in the area, which had paralyzed transportation, our partners on the ground, CORD, safely delivered the 269 books to the grateful Darfuris, who place so much hope in learning English.

Day of the African Child Celebrated Amidst Crisis

Despite an uncertain and deteriorating security situation, with Chadian troops passing through their base of operations in Hadjer Hadid, our on-the-ground partner Anne Goddard (CORD) and her team managed to celebrate the Day of the African Child (June 16) with Darfur refugees in Treguine and Bredjing Camps, and villagers from the surrounding communities. Their determination to secure a future for the children through education, amidst the crisis, is an inspiration.

Courageously Educating Chadian Villages

Reporting from her base in Hadjer Hadid, Chad, our on-the-ground partner Anne Goddard of CORD explains how she and her team are persisting through security threats to run education programs in 18 Chadian villages.

To show your admiration for their courage, please consider donating to the emergency school supply fund, which will enable on-demand purchasing of pens, pencils, notebooks, etc. for the Chadian and Darfurian students, preventing interruptions in their education due to supply shortages.

Education in Bredjing Refugee Camp: Self-Study for Teachers

In this second special report about education in Bredjing Camp, Chad, our on-the-ground partner Anne Goddard of CORD explores the self-study groups by which refugee teachers aim to improve themselves and provide a better education for their students. They are dreaming big, putting their hopes for the future in education. Your donations will help make their dreams come true.

Education in Bredjing Refugee Camp: Teacher/Student Abdel Razik Mohamed

The following special report from our on-the-ground partner Anne Goddard of CORD tells the story of Darfurian refugee Abdel Razik Mohamed, pre-school teacher and English student in Bredjing Camp, Chad. By sharing his experience, we hope to convey the refugees' yearning for education. Please donate to support Abdel Razik, his students, and fellow teachers.

Education Continues Despite Fighting in Chad

Breaking news from our on-the-ground partner CORD's Anne Goddard about the recent fighting in Chad and its impact on education programs in the refugee camps. The programs continue, and we still need your support.


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