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Education in Bredjing Refugee Camp: Self-Study for Teachers

In this second special report about education in Bredjing Camp, Chad, our on-the-ground partner Anne Goddard of CORD explores the self-study groups by which refugee teachers aim to improve themselves and provide a better education for their students. They are dreaming big, putting their hopes for the future in education. Your donations will help make their dreams come true.

Education in Bredjing Refugee Camp: Teacher/Student Abdel Razik Mohamed

The following special report from our on-the-ground partner Anne Goddard of CORD tells the story of Darfurian refugee Abdel Razik Mohamed, pre-school teacher and English student in Bredjing Camp, Chad. By sharing his experience, we hope to convey the refugees' yearning for education. Please donate to support Abdel Razik, his students, and fellow teachers.

Oxford University Press Donates and Discounts for Darfur

Oxford University Press has just agreed to make substantial donations and discounts available to us to help Darfur refugees in Chad learn English. The 75 teacher's books we requested from Oxford's Headway English language series will be totally free, and we will be able to purchase the student's books and audio at cost, a huge discount of 85% off!

300 More Young Refugees Learning English

Our on-the-ground partner in eastern Chad, Anne Goddard of CORD, informs us that 300 more young refugees from Darfur have joined English classes that meet early in the morning before primary school. This is yet another demonstration of the refugees' strong desire to learn and to secure education for their children, and it means that the English language course material we provide will find even greater use.

Thank you,!

Users of's English as a Second Language site have turned out heavily during the past week to support our Chad/Darfur project. Since February 25, at least 814 have visited our website, donating more than $800!


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