Oxford University Press Donates and Discounts for Darfur

Oxford University Press has just agreed to make substantial donations and discounts available to us to help Darfur refugees in Chad learn English. The 75 teacher's books we requested from Oxford's Headway English language series will be totally free, and we will be able to purchase the student's books and audio at cost, a huge discount of 85% off!

Thank you, esl.about.com!

Users of About.com's English as a Second Language site have turned out heavily during the past week to support our Chad/Darfur project. Since February 25, at least 814 have visited our website, donating more than $800!

First donations of reading glasses!

We just received our first donations of reading glasses for our project to help Darfur refugees and local villagers in eastern Chad! Check out the doodle on one of the boxes that arrived:

box containing donated glasses for Darfur refugees

Donors D.C. and J.W. shipped five pairs, including four cases (we've supplied the fifth case). Stylish, don't you think?

Education Continues Despite Fighting in Chad

Breaking news from our on-the-ground partner CORD's Anne Goddard about the recent fighting in Chad and its impact on education programs in the refugee camps. The programs continue, and we still need your support.


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