English Classes Successful in Refugee Camp

Exciting news about the success of English classes for Darfur refugees in Bredjing Refugee Camp, eastern Chad! The English teachers, themselves refugees, have reached an important milestone thanks to the Headway curriculum we supplied, which has now been used for about eight months. Everyone who contributed should take pride in this accomplishment. From Anne Goddard of CORD, Education Program Manager in Bredjing:

Washington, D.C. Talk About Darfur

If you are in the Washington, D.C. area, this is a great opportunity to hear firsthand about aid work in Darfur refugee camps, especially educational and reading-related aid that can help rebuild lives.

Holiday Campaign: Donate $1 Per Book You Received

We've just launched a (post-)holiday campaign to raise funds for library construction, English textbooks, and primary school textbooks for the Darfuris in the Bredjing, Treguine, and Gaga refugee camps in eastern Chad. Here's how it works: we want you to count the books you received as presents this year and donate $1 per book. You can choose how the money is spent and read more details at holiday.bookwish.org.

Two New Ways to Help, No $ Required

There are two new ways you can help Book Wish Foundation support reading in the Bredjing, Treguine, and Gaga refugee camps in eastern Chad. You don't even have to spend a dollar.

We are now a certified member of eBay Giving Works, a program that has generated more than $150 million for charities through eBay auctions. This means that, when we sell items on eBay, we can keep 100% of the proceeds (no eBay fees). So, the first way you can help is to donate exciting items we can auction and turn into funding for the Darfur refugees.

Every Picture Tells a Story: Refugees Receive ESL Books

Our second shipment of Headway English textbooks has just reached the Darfur refugee camps of eastern Chad. The following report and photos from our on-the-ground partner CORD capture the moment the refugees received this "lifeline." We are now half way to meeting the needs of the English classes in the camps, and ask for your support to enable additional shipments.

ESL Books Arrive in Hadjer Hadid, Chad

Our second shipment of Headway ESL books has just arrived in Hadjer Hadid, Chad, the staging point for our partner CORD's relief efforts in the Bredjing, Treguine, and Gaga refugee camps.

Librairie du Liban Publishers Assisting French Literacy Program in Chadian Villages

Librairie du Liban Publishers, based in Lebanon, have provided samples of two of their French-Arabic/Arabic-French dictionaries to help us find the most appropriate material for French literacy classes in villages in eastern Chad. The Al-Kamel de Poche and Mini Al-Kamel bilingual dictionaries, both by Dr. Youssof M. Reda, will be sent to Chad in our next shipment. Literacy teachers on the ground will then be able to assess their usefulness for that specific population.

Birmingham Vision Care Donates Glasses for Darfur

As we near our goal of gathering 1,750 pairs of reading glasses for Darfur refugees and villagers in eastern Chad, a few companies, organizations, and individuals are stepping forward to ensure we fully meet the needs of these people in crisis. Birmingham Vision Care of Bloomfield Township, Michigan is just such a company. Their 43 pairs bring us closer to our target, not only in their quantity, but also in their quality and features.

More Darfur Refugees Studying English

Exciting news from the refugee camps about the impact of our first shipment of Headway English language learning material. Despite the large amount of work to be accomplished in the fields during the summer rainy season, the refugees have chosen to continue their English studies through the summer school break! The Education Program Manager for our on-the-ground partner CORD, Anne Goddard, reports:

High School Class of 1954 Funds ESL Books For Darfur Refugees

"In legacy of our high school that fostered learning and success," alumni of Crispus Attucks High School in Indianapolis, Indiana have donated $300 to the Book Wish Foundation's reading relief project in eastern Chad, completing the funding for a second shipment of ESL books for Darfur refugees learning English.

Under the leadership of Class President Kenneth D. Adams, Jr., the Crispus Attucks High School Alumni Class of 1954 identified the Book Wish project as an "opportunity to be of service."


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